FitPAWS traxdonut Accessory Collar for Dog


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Product Description

FitPAWS Trax Doughnut
The FitPAWS Trax Doughnut is perfect for use in training your dog and strengthen his muscles. This inflatable doughnut has a round shape that ensures your dog needs to find his balance. This makes the doughnut suitable for balance and strength exercises for dogs of all ages. Thanks to the rubber nibs, your dog has sufficient grip to remain standing on the doughnut. In addition, these nibs cause neurological stimulation. The FitPAWS Trax Doughnut is delivered including a pump to inflate the doughnut.

FitPAWS Doughnut Holder
FitPaws Doughnut Holder makes sure the FitPAWS Doughnut is stable. That makes this donut holder suitable for dogs that are not used to the dynamic movements of the doughnut.


33 x 55cm


  • Ideal for exercise
  • Increase the strength and flexibility
  • Easy to use
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