RDX Women Boxing Gloves Gel Sparring Glove Punching Bag Ladies Mitts Training Muay Thai

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This Flora Skin women’s boxing glove is handmade with a durable, washable outer that features an eye-catching print. With its unique hard-pressed glitter logo, these boxing gloves are sure to look good on your fists. The dazzle fabric inner wicks sweat away from the surface of the skin, and the perforated palm helps to ventilate the hand by effectively aerating the glove. Moreover, the suede trimming and nylon piping prevent the gloves from repeatedly grazing the skin. The EVA-LUTION foam gel padding is super effective for shock absorption. The extra-wide cuffs pad the wrists from blowback, all the while keeping the wrist correctly aligned with the hand and forearm. The gloves are locked into place with the hook-and-loop strap that wraps around for a snug fit. All in all, these women’s boxing gloves won’t disappoint. (8OZ & 10OZ RECOMMENDED FOR UP TO 14 YEARS OF AGE)


  • 【Durable Flora Skin Outer & Double-stitched Seams】These women boxing gloves are handmade by a strong Flora Skin outer that will last longer. Moreover, the boxing gloves are double-stitched, which prevents the seams from splitting and tearing while using consistently .This pair of women gloves will glorify your career.
  • 【Dazzle Fabric Inner & Perforated Palm】The boxing gloves inner dazzled fabric coupled with strategically placed perforations, wick the sweat away and keeps the palms ventilated while keeping it dry simultaneously.
  • 【Suede Trimming & Nylon Piping】The palm of the boxing gloves feature soft suede trimming that feels smooth to the touch. The nylon piping at the cuff prevents chaffing at this point of contact for comfortable long-wear use.
  • 【Extra-wide Cuffs & Hook-and-loop Strap】The extra wide cuffs align the hands, forearms and wrists alike while assisting in shock absorption using EVA-LUTION foam gel padding, during heavy punching sessions. The hook and loop strap provides additional secure grip and offers easy on and off application.
  • 【100% Money Back Guarantee】Although we take pride in the quality of our products, if you just so happen to be unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us and we’ll process a complete refund. Alternatively, if requested, we’ll send you a replacement without any extra conditions.
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